Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Reasons Not to be Depressed

Yeah, this is a kinda different post. Life is intruding on art, in that I go back to school tomorrow and all the art work comes to a screeching halt. I’m hoping not….so here goes….my attempt to convince myself I’m really not depressed.

* 1. I have a job. Between RIFs and pay cuts and unfunding of education, I still have a job. It may not be ultimately what I want to do, but I have a job and I do like it – and I’m making a difference.

* 2. I got a lot of art done this summer. Usually I get a piece done in August when I get my act in gear – not this summer. I managed to complete 5 projects and one major piece of art, plus loads on the business.

* 3. I have three more years of teaching. After this year, two years, and so on. Three Augusts from now I won’t be depressed.

* 4. I could still be at my two earlier schools and not at the high school I love. The two middle schools I spent 7 years at turned out to be hell on wheels. SO GLAD that’s not the case any more.

* 5. With hubby getting Medicare this year, that’s $500 a month I’m not laying out for health care. While I am turning into the care given, at least medically this year it shouldn’t be too bad.

* 6. First three-day weekend is Labor Day. I think every teacher has the holidays mapped out ahead of time.

* 7. Hopefully Sedona in mid-October for a long weekend.

* 8. I’m almost finished the art piece whose deadline is September 3. I need to try to get in to shows other than Fish Follies – and I need the validation.

* 9. As long as I eat properly, I can keep the depression generally at bay. I am very sensitive evidently to certain foods, so I have to be very careful what I eat.

*10. I have great friends: Michelle, Alison, Suzan, Kathy, Carolyn  – you know who you are!

11 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Reasons Not to be Depressed”

  • 10 reasons not to be depressed:

    1-pot of gumbo
    2-bags of Zapps potato chips!
    3-fresh file for the gumbo
    4-jazz on WWOZ, streaming live from the Crescent City
    6-10….a six pack of Abita Amber beer!
    And life is sort of like New Orleans for just a moment! 🙂


  • Ten + Anne’s ten + one more: You have at your fingertips amazing marbled fabric.
    Depression is nasty — it doesn’t deserve to win. Don’t let it.

  • That is so sweet! You are absolutely right, and I am determined to master it. Thank you!!!

  • I particularly like numbers 6 – 10, but instead of beer, make ’em B-52’s…..

  • Everyone always seems to like #s 6-10 when I deliver some, with the gumbo of course!!! I always find myself semi-depressed by this time of year; I think it is the body saying *too much* from summer and loving/hating the idea of a Fall routine. Everything changes then, whether a regular job or whatever this is that I do.
    I swear, it is a phase we all go through…..
    So here’s to 6-10 in whatever form you want!


  • I have issues around January — when the endless winter is never going to end. But I sure like Anne’s ten! And Linda’s # 7 reminds me of one of my fun times.

    What’s a B-52? Is it anything like those drinks that involve Malibu Rum and limes?

  • The coffee version is coffee, kahlua, Baileys, and I think some rum….with the requisite whipped cream……

    Come to the desert in January – the main perk for living here! Better yet, come the end of January for the largest gem and mineral show…..ah, the colors, the stones….pure magic!

  • You go Girl….be happy and live each day as if it is your last! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  • I love top ten lists and your list is great. So glad to hear that it was a productive art summer for you.

  • Thank you! Wise words for me to remember!!

  • Thank you – it’s the coming down from being able to do art every day that is so hard…but I think I may have inadvertently solved it – I have a deadline of Sept. 3rd for a show entry, and today I decided to change parts of it, so I will need to sew my A** off every day after school these next two weeks!!

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