A different kind of art…

I just finished a week-long conference on professional learning communities. It was quite an inspiring week, and lots of great ideas to take to my new school – I actually jumped into a new school. Everything happened really quickly, less than a week until I had a new job.

This conference was a chance to think very creatively about how to improve student achievement. When you think about what has to be done in a classroom, teaching really is an art of its own. Tim Kanold was an amazing presenter. I think was one of the times when, in order to get a group of people moving, you really had to bring in someone from the outside. Tim was organized, funny, had great stories, and obviously knew what he was talking about – he had walked the talk.

All in all a great week – a new blog on math, a new email list, a training set up – and a new job – in fact, I had three job offers in the course of the week!

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