Our Timeline…..

So all my intentions of posting each day went by the wayside. I opted for pictures on Facebook at the end of a day. My ipad, while gret for reservations and a lot of other business things, just didn’t work easily for writing a blog. Here’s what we ended up doing….in a nutshell, ’cause there’s more to come.

Denver to Des Moines – LOTS of corn in Nebraska, a little hillier in Iowa. Great weather!

Des Moines to Milwaukee – downtown was filled with Summerfest and music all over. Great trip on the lake.

Milwaukee to St. Ignace, MI, on the Upper Peninsula – nice travel on back roads along the north shore of Lake Michigan. LKots of peaceful stops along the water.

Through Flint, MI (raining) through Canada, to miss the Detroit traffic, back through the Lower Niagara border crossing – a nightmare!

Down through Lake Cayuga in the Finger Lakes area of New York, lunch in Ithaca, and leisurely back roads to Oneonta, including an ice cream stand with….wait for it….kahlua creemees.

Oneonta up to Hartwick College, talking with admissions and alumni, saw a deer munching on flowers right by Breesee Hall. Talked to a favorite professor, and then over to Bennington, with a stay in Rutland.

Up to Jericho and Underhill, Vermont, to stay with friends for a week. Lots of fun, including the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour.

Down to Mystic, CT for a day at Mystic Seaport. Much more to see another time, including the sub museum and aquarium.

Over to Morefar in New York, where my grandparents were caretakers and I spent lots of weekends growing up. Was taken on a tour by an employee who started when my grandmother still worked there.

Down to Stratford, NJ to see the old homestead for first through 10th grade. The people who bought from my parents still live there.

Gettysburg, Harper’s Ferry, and Antietam, for a trip through history.

A gorgeous day on Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park to Roanoke.

Through Virginia, West Virginia, and into Kentucky, on the way to Paducah and the National Quilt Museum. Lexington horse farms were gorgeous.

Thinking we would take I-70 home, went up to St. Louis, and then weather sent us across to Kansas City and down to Oklahoma City and Route 40.

Across 40 to just outside Albuquerque, stopping because of severe rains in Albuquerque…..

…and home.

This doesn’t even begin to do the trip justice! Lots to see on the next trip, which will be in May 2015, as we move back east permanently. We had great weather and survived the humidity admirable!

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  • Lots and lots of driving! I’m from upstate NY, about 2 hours or more north of Ithaca, it’s a beautiful area in the summer! Where are you planning to move? Hope you have classes when you get back to the East, at least it would be hopefully within driving distance for me.

  • Hey Laura – we are planning on moving in May next year – will be in Vermont, short enough to come do classes – sorry this took so long – we arrived home to find me down with pneumonia, the email was at the bottom of the list, and now that I am recovering from pneumonia again…trying to get caught up! Love the Finger Lakes area!!!

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