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Minor Medical Rant….

So it has been over a week – chalk it up to a severe bout with – ta dah – strep throat. Did my primary doctor check on Wednesday when I went in? Of course not – would have been too much trouble to do a culture, especially since I could barely open my mouth. Went to the UrgentCare around the corner yesterday after a terrible night to have the PA look at me like he couldn’t believe my primary wouldn’t do something so basic – expecially since I am around sick kids all the time. He also couldn’t believe the doctor gave me such a low dose of antibiotic – which obviously hadn’t been doing anything.

I ended up being out of school for three straight days (unheard of for me) when I didn’t need to be that sick. Sheesh – next time I will insist on a strep test – but I expect to have a different doctor, so I shouldn’t have to. Think I’ll write a letter……..

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