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Illuminated Letters

I had a great time with the kids on Friday, taking pics of their letters, their mandalas, and in some cases, original work for their t-shirts for the upcoming museum. Remember, we also “aged” the paper to get a more realistic look. You will see some original letters, including a couple of students who went through several drafts before settling on their design. Most of the students opted to copy a letter, but I don’t think that detracted from the affective part of the assignment – taking care and really working at the letter until satisfied.

This first letter by Michael shows some incredible shading. Take a careful look at the inside of the M. He also worked to add a few extra flourishes on the bottom corner.

On Making "Parchment"

So I forgot the camera again today. A picture of me ironing paper would have been a priceless record of this art year. I got a recipe on line for making “parchment” paper – crumple up construction paper, smooth it out, do a water-color wash, and then when dry, iron it between newsprint.

It worked. Took a while to get the iron hot enough – I kept inching up the heat, because I had visions of setting a fire in the classroom. Took my time, and it really made a difference in the paper – made it stronger with all the moisture gone, and really made the paper look aged.

Then the kids really got into making copies from online of a medieval alphabet – traced with pencil and then used a thin black pen to outline it. They will start with color on Wednesday. Most of my eighth graders were walking around quite proud of their work.

Fabulous art site to show the kids next week – Chris Jordan – some very interesting environmental messages to his work. Click on his “Running the Numbers” – great blend of math and art!

Camera tomorrow – get it now and put it by the lunch bucket….camera….camera….camera….

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