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Technology for a Tuesday


I love me my technology, but I think I am reaching a saturation point. I say this as I am hooked on my Mahjong app and spend way more time than I should. So much has changed since I bought my first computer (Apple GS2) in 1989 – minus a hard drive because I didn’t need one. Years of carrying floppy discs and then their smaller brothers. But I think I am at my limit of devices. I  don’t use all the capability of a smartphone – I still want it to be a phone. I did have to get a new external drive to back up everything on the iMac. Last time I did that was three years ago on a different computer, so I had to buy a new one – a terabyte, which I’m sure 3 years ago wasn’t planned.

Because of the novel and the digital work, I can’t afford to lose stuff. I still don’t completely understand the cloud, but I know if there’s a fire, I grab the external hard drive and I have my computer files. This has led me to try and understand more about managing files and the cloud and storage and disaster preparation. Once again I can turn to the internet to see what’s available and inform myself.

I’m the IT gal – I still find it interesting sales people talk to hubby when I’m the one with the questions. The Apple store Genius Bar can usually answer all my questions. So I’m not sure I need a company for IT….but I’ve been investigating disaster recovery, like with Calisto (

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.57.56 PM

This intrigues me, because I’m of the generation that has most of those forms in paper and in a metal lock-box. But it’s worth thinking about a different storage system.

Now I will never be a big player online, even though we’ve been selling through the internet since 1998 (makes us ancient). But that doesn’t mean I can’t be knowledgeable. FileCloud ( brought up an interesting point…..

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.02.03 PM

Why would I want to store information offshore? Canadian readers, you’re all set. I need to do more research on storing within the US….now to pack the chargers and assorted cords for the devices as we go on the road to visit friends and family in northern Arizona….and batteries, too…..

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