On Getting Hit….

So I am on my way to do a workshop at Wakefield, gorgeous sunny day, all systems go – eyes seem fine. Then as I’m slowing for a light, I get smacked from behind. I need to jam on the brakes so I don’t hit the car in front of me, and I swerve into the middle lane. Needless to say I am seriously pissed.

The driver is a Mexican woman, turns out with no insurance, but the car at least is registered in Arizona. Had the police come, because I am not about to get stuck with all the bills. Had the fire department come check me out, all while Dean is trying to search through the emails to find Wade’s number so I can call and tell him I will be late. Blood pressure was ridiculously high. It figures when I start driving again that this happens. Called insurance, called the attorney – took most of the afternoon, and I figure I will be out on Monday to see the chiropractor. I hate missing school at this point, because the amount of work to prepare for a sub would be crazy. Not too achy today – we’ll see how it goes.


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