Monday Marketing

Even with being sick for three weeks, I still feel like I am accomplishing more this summer – in fact since March – than in a very long time. Two shows entered, accepted, sent out, and I’m going to attend the opening reception for Fabric of Legacies in Ft. Collins, Colorado on July 10. This will be the first time for attending a reception for my work, so I am excited. IF you know of something to see from Denver north, especially if fiber-related (like who’s at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum), please let me know.

For this week, I am concentrating on San Diego and art galleries in the area. This has really become an enjoyable “artist date” with hubby – finding new galleries and just enjoying the art. I love seeing unusual art, especially if it involves fiber and embellishment.

I did get the Cafe Press store started as part of Saturday Specials, with the first entry over the weekend. I am slowly exploring options for selling digital work, and perhaps fiber on down the road, as I get more done with revamping the website. In fact, that should probably be a goal for the next two weeks – website needs.

* slide show for the opening page of selected works

* garden fantasy page set up with options for ordering

* digital marbling [age set up with options for ordering

* check all existing links and respond to requests for new links (I am very late on that!)

I do have a lot of new work to get up on the site, so there’s the big goal for the next two weeks. Pics of San Diego to follow!

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