Thursday Thoughts – Giving Back Through Blogging

I discovered – probably way later than most people who use Google     Reader – that I could much easier keep track of the blogs I follow and the new entries. There are some times when I can be really slow…like realizing just what they mean by scrolling through the RSS entries and updating immediately. That said, there was a really interesting post today from Problogger, whom I have been reading for over a year, and I am finally putting a lot of his suggestions to work.  You can find the full post here, but the title was very thought-provoking: How Do You Give Something Back With Your Blogging?

Now if you’ve been following lately, you know that I am spending a lot of my summer vacation working on building my art business and all that entails. Blogging is a way of driving people to your business. But for me blogging has turned into a way for me to reflect, in that I never really cared for journaling. But I don’t want my blog to be soley a business tool. I like to think I give something back….

I’ve met some wonderful people in over 400 posts on this blog. As I started to correspond by comments, I was able to answer some questions about marbling, commiserate with school issues, help out with math problems, send sympathies,  and send out goodies. My high school sweater from Sterling High School in New Jersey is nearly 50 years old, and it went to a new home at El Milagro Studio last year to become part of a felting project…and something about the colors of the Toronto Maple Leafs……It has a new home and new life – a repurposing, as they say on HGTV.

For someone who has always been quite the introvert, blogging has given me a wider window into the world, and I love being able to chat around the world. I have gotten so much more – amazing writing, wonderful art in its stages,  other intriguing art fields, food for my love of history. Do I give back enough? Probably not, but I do appreciate each and every interaction with readers, and I promise to be much better responding to you.

So – how do you give back through your blogging? Leave me a comment.

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts – Giving Back Through Blogging”

  • How do I give back through blogging? writing about and linking to good causes. Giving a shout out on my blog to other artists. Doing tutorials, on my blog–teaching my readers something at no charge to them….

    Linda, Spoonflower is Fabulous!! try them! you can order swatches to see how it will look.

  • I think I was on the receiving end Linda!!! 😀
    How do I give back…hmmmm….my blog is such a mish mash that I wonder why people read, but when I am off for a while, folks are writing asking when I’ll be back blogging—they need their dose of humor.
    As I hammer out letters into words about my *life* I guess I add that touch of Southern Acerbic Humor—always making fun of myslef and misadventures.
    I love doing blog give aways because anyone who has hung around to follow deserves a chance at winning SOMETHING!!!
    And I have gathered some wonderful friends, and I guess I share a lot of my technique with art, sewing, etc on blog as opposed to making money by doing classes. (the business person I am not!)
    I just love to see people learn and grow in confidence, and if my blog helps in that way, then I am well repaid!


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