Today’s Batch of Fabrics

The fabric from today is just so gorgeous, I had to do some playing around with it! The blues ocean piece you see is a good half-yard in length, and this is just a small crop of a really cool spot. The levels helped bring out the white that is in the piece. This is a very watery, ocean effect, which Patty wanted to remind her of a special spot along the coast in California.

This is the piece with more of a blue cast, thanks to a photo filter. Much more watery, deeper ocean with sunlight on it.

This is the copper gradient, with the dissolve effect just slightly added. A forest, with just a light snowfall?

I embossed this first, and then looked at manipulating the colors – to me it reminds me of Folklorico dancers twirling around and around.

Again, this one reminds me of dancers enjoying themselves .

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