Monday Marketing….What a Month!

Wow. That’s all I can say….wow wow wow. All the work from June and July really began to pay off at the end of the month. A finished commission, a major fabric order from England, Ebay and Etsy sales, and LOADS of inquires. And…….I got a lot of quilting done, and took two classes in the meantime. I am LOVING every minute!

This time last year I had spend 6 weeks doing a lot of work, and then school started and I lost all momentum – but NOT this year! I don’t have to go back to work next Wednesday. Did I happen to mention I am THRILLED to be retired?!?!?!?

Here’s the plan of attack that seems to be working, after a month of refinement. Each morning I take care of a lot of social media stuff, respond to comments, check out other business pages. Then I try to leave “thinking” time during the day for the long-range goals, and then it’s off to actually create. I feel like the social media piece is no longer controlling the cart – I am, and it’s taking way less time. Each evening I look at my folder – check off what got done for the day, what’s coming up for the next day, and pieces of my various “action lists” for my goals that I want to attempt.

Probably the best thing I did for social media was do my Linked In profile and join a couple of art groups through Linked In. We have been doing round robin on Facebook business pages, and the traffic all around has increased tremendously. Plus – ya gotta admit opening FB comments each morning and seeing what people think of your work is quite the motivator.

I found this morning I had to actually make a list of upcoming shows. deadlines, and commission to be sure I didn’t miss anything. The new newsletter is in the works, and I have actually set up a group for people who are collecting our art – that’s a very cool feeling!

I have over 500 blog entries since I started, as well as over 100 Facebook “Likes,” so it’s time to be thinking about a give-away along with the blog makeover……stay tuned!

Below are a couple of fabric studies done as part of The Artist’s Toolbox class through Quilt University. I am learning a lot about what is working and what isn’t – and why. I recommend these classes – I have now done three, and I learn great stuff each time. In fact, I found myself with the camera out this weekend in Sedona, taking pictures of some incredible textures – 25 pictures of a grouping of sunflowers, because I kept seeing different things!

It’s going to be an AWESOME August! What do you have planned for the month?


2 Responses to “Monday Marketing….What a Month!”

  • Wow! You are sure busy for a retired person! Amazing. I just read the Top Ten Tuesday entry for tomorrow, and was wondering if that’s something you do each week, or just when you feel like it. Don’t you love the freedom of a blog, giving yourself permission to follow whims? I am glad you are enjoying retirement. Check out Craftlit– it’s a podcast and blog done by a teacher/writer/knitter person who just moved from Tucson. She reads books aloud and talks about the books and the crafts– for people who have their hands full of crafts but love books. (You mentioned redesigning your blog, etc., so I thought that could be inspiration…)

  • Thanks! I try to do the Top Ten each Tuesday (the rhyming, ya know? But those blog posts take quite a while to do, especially if I fall behind in my blog readings. I am busy and loving it – although no traveling yet, because hubby had cataract surgery in June and is on week 7 of major complications, so he can’t really do too much. I love blogging, both for me and the business. Being able to make art and read history (I actually was a history major and teacher for the longest time before the math calling) whenever I want is a true blessing – all those years when I was too tired to do anything – and the amount of marketing is really paying off. I do know that on August 10th the only things I’ll miss are all of you and some students. I’ll check out Craftlit. Thanks again!!

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