Blowin’ on the Wind

One of the newsletters I get is from Eric Maisel, and lately he has been writing about creative tourism – visiting a place for more than an attraction, becoming involved in the daily life of the area. I had that experience this weekend.

On Sunday, on the way down from the Grand Canyon through Oak Creek Canyon, we stopped at the overlook leading south into Oak Creek. The park allows vendors from the native tribes in the state, with a permit, to set up and sell their art. At one table this wonderful Navajo began to explain the dream catcher that was part of an ornament I was looking at, including the design around the sphere that told the whole story of the Navaho people. It was beautiful – how could I not buy it after hearing how it was made and what everything meant? Then he proceeded to play a Navajo flute for us. Here we are on this magnificent overlook, wind blowing through our hair and rustling the trees, listening to this music floating away on the wind. I felt tears forming because of the beauty.

Was he a great salesman? Absolutely! But I was entranced and chose to believe it was one of the magnificent serendipitous moments where art touched the soul.

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