Ooohhh, it’s my turn! Someone tagged me – and I’ve never been tagged – even when it was a game at school (always the last one picked, etc.)! That wonderful person is Anne of El Milagro Studio, who has introduced me to a new world of collage and texture – plus she’s a riot to read!

Here’s how this works….
A. Name & link back to the person who tagged you.
B. List sijavascript:void(0)x (un)important things that make you happy.
C. Tag six bloggers & let them know they’re *it* by leaving them a comment.

Okay, things that make me happy….

1. Sitting near large bodies of water with a relaxed mind (haven’t seen the ocean in 8 years…).
2. Traveling and cuddling with my hubby.
3. Seeing my kids understand math for the first time ever.
4. Making art!
5. The Hupp clan, my second family.
6. Theater – doing, attending, whatever…

Now for the bloggers:

Bliss Fork
, she of many talents, winner of a free Ford Fiesta for 6 months – ask her to sing something from Peter Pan….
Mr. Teacher at LearnMeGood, former engineer turned teacher who make you laugh at all the eccentricities of teaching – and surviving….
Dr. Matt Lyon, a former student, who is a wonderful writer, and a chiropractor, and has great ideas of surviving the future!
The Caffeinated Librarian – a mile a minute! And she loved the new Star Trek movie!!
The Edge of the Sea of Cortez – wonderfully amazing book on tidepooling! You’ll want to go dig up the sand….Follow their writings about this amazing environmental resource!

First time reading? Check out this overview.

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